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The armorial bearings of Martin S. J. goldstraw

Heraldry Addict

The Heraldry Addict website is owned by Martin S. J. Goldstraw.

Martin Goldstraw is one of the founder Trustees, author and illustrator, of The Cheshire Heraldry website and has published a number of fully illustrated books on the Visitations of Cheshire as well as privately publishing a number of other facsimiles of the Heraldic Visitations of England.

He has presented talks to various Heraldry Societies in England and Scotland and is in the process of turning some of those talks into videos for all to see on YouTube.

He is one of the founder directors of The Armorial Register Limited and a Fellow and Member of the Board of The International Association of Amateur Heralds as well as a Fellow of The Society of Antiquities of Scotland .

Born at a very early age in Leek, a town in rural North Staffordshire known as the Queen of the Moorlands, his interest in the heraldry of the County of Cheshire began when it became apparent that the origins of the surname Goldstraw lie in the surname of Goostrey. The village of Goostrey is within the bounds of the County Palatine of Cheshire.

Heraldry is something of an addiction as far as Martin is concerned and he was pleased to be granted armorial bearings of his own from the College of Arms at the commencement of the new Millennium.